Today, we went to go visit the Jeff Koons: Now exhibition at Newport Street Gallery. This is his first major exhibition in London since 2009 and after recently going to few other art exhibitions, I can truly appreciate it for what it is.

Koons focus on the ‘object’ has wondrous result as seen in some of his works. His ability to take simple items that the viewers easily recognise and transform them into fascinating pieces is honestly, quite delightful. More so, his work with reflective, shiny surfaces that reiterate his key message “it’s all about you”.

His work covers various different themes, stemming from social mobility, alcohol, childhood to the shame and stigmas surrounding sexuality. If you have the chance, I most definitely recommend you take a visit. They also have a pretty cool restaurant in the gallery that has a pharmaceutical theme.

*Warning the exhibition contains explicit material*

Balloon Monkey (Blue) (2006–2013)




Play-Doh (1994-2014)




Elephant (2003)



Jim Beam – J.B. Turner Engine (1986)




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